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Tue, 03 Oct 2017

The Triumph Factory

This is the home of Triumph, where you'll get the full story in our unique immersive visitor experience. It's here that you'll see how we make motorcycles, get up close to some of the most iconic Triumphs of all time, and enjoy a priceless collection of motorcycle memorabilia brought together exclusively for our visitors.

Get closer than ever before to the people, the bikes, and the moments that made Triumph arguably the world's most iconic motorcycle brand; from the pioneers and the vintage bikes that started it all, through the rock n roll era, right up to Hinckley's modern legends. This is the perfect experience if you've ever wanted to venture beyond those legendary factory security doors. This fully guided tour really does take you from concept to manufacturing and final assembly to see for yourself where world-renowned Triumph motorcycles are created and built. 

So much more than just a motorcycle museum, the Triumph Factory Visitor Experience tells the whole story of why people ride by bringing together a spectacular collection of historic and modern achievements in motorcycle design, engineering, racing and popular culture. As well as showcasing legendary iconic motorcycles from Triumph’s long and impressive history, this free Triumph exhibition also highlights the amazing engineering technology that makes Triumph the world-class motorcycle manufacturer that it is today.

Top up your own tank with a tasty snack, refreshing soft drinks, or a taste-intensive Barista-style coffee, then relax with free wi-fi as you enjoy these unique Triumph surroundings. You'll never forget your visit to Hinckley factory HQ with this exclusive collection of superb Triumph merchandise, with many limited edition items that you simply won't find anywhere else!