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Wed, 20 Dec 2017

Paul's Tiger 1200 Review

We love the new Tiger 1200. We’ve been so excited to receive our demonstrator and reveal it to the team and all our customers. One of our customers, Paul King, loved the Tiger 1200 so much he decided to write a review from his demonstration experience with the all-new machine to give others an honest,

“A few words about my first impressions. Had a great couple of days on the demo Tiger 1200 XCA.  I have had 3 Explorers since the first version came out back in 2012.  They have just got better and better. 

Took this one into town yesterday to see how the weight loss (the bike not mine before my family comment) affects a typical commute.  

Started with a coffee at the BikeShed as it would be rude not to.  Then a gentle ride back home via Buckingham Palace, Harrods and Twickenham. Traffic was horrendous particularly through Knightsbridge, but the big bike was easy enough to filter, with its commanding riding position and wide bars I always feel in control.  Was it any different to my current 2017 bike. Yes, the weight loss did make it feel more manoeuvrable, although once the luggage goes back on might not be that noticeable, will have to see. 

Today I decided to go further afield with a trip down to West Wittering. The chance to have a play with the Quick shifter. Feels alien to me not using the clutch but very easy to use.  

The engine feels somehow smoother generally and the new Arrow silencer has a great sound track-I have to admit to a little childish moment in the Hindhead tunnel blipping the throttle that brought a grin to my face.  

Once at the beach I was sorely tempted to engage off road mode and try it on the sand, but as it’s not my bike and we both had the wrong boots on I decided against it.  

It absolutely chucked it down on the way back home but tucked behind the big screen and swapping to rain mode meant it wasn’t a chore. 

The new switchgear is simple to get to grips with and moving the heated seat switch a small thing but great improvement. 

The TFT screen is superb.  Easy to read with a selection of layouts to choose between. 

The keyless ignition is easy straightforward enough but it will be important to remember to re engage the immobiliser after getting off the bike otherwise it can still be started for a while after it’s been turned off.  

Do I want to give it back? No. 

Do I want to buy one? Yes please.  

Form an orderly queue.”

We are takings bookings for test rides and accepting orders on the new Tiger models in-store at Ashford and Romford now. For more details on the new models click here or give us a call to speak to a member of the team.