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Wed, 29 Nov 2017

Our Winter Offers

For years, the Triumph brand has been one of the most beloved brands in the motor industry. They are known for their rip-roaring power, their elegant and timeless look and their brilliant lifespan. However, one of the things that makes the Triumph brand so accessible is the sheer range of awesome offers available.-

With that in mind, then, what kind of value is waiting for you this year with the Jack Lilley Winter Offers?

Interest Free Finance

We can now offer customers 0% finance on all parts, clothing and accessories in our stores. Don’t leave your Triumph stored away like an antique because you cannot afford the parts, use our 0% finance and get the parts that you need and spread the costs into affordable payments.

We speak to many customers who have custom ideas and dreams for their ride but for the price to pay all in one go it can be hard. With so much to pick from and buy, you can find yourself in a rather awkward position. For example, in the past you would have had to have picked from a small collection that fell in your immediate price range, or pay a large premium for finance help.

Well, we get rid of that for you this year with our brilliant Triumph winter offers. These are great for getting you high-value on what you need most, ensuring you can pick up durable and effective parts, accessories and clothing that makes you look fantastic, feel great and know you are safe to pay them off every month with affordable monthly payments.

Reliable Repairs.

At Jack Lilley this winter, we’ll be doing the leg work for you. if you book in your motorcycle with us this year, we’ll make the whole management and repair of any parts, fittings or add-ons smoother than ever before.

To do this, we’ll be happy to come and collect – and then deliver – your motorcycle back to you for free.

With so much to do at this time of year you might simply lack the time to get your bike to us and then back home. To help you avoid time as much as financial investment, we can pick it up, sort it out and get it back to you.

Now, you can sit down and just enjoy being free from the winter chill with our Triumph winter offers!

Need more info? Drop us a line today; we’ll be more than happy to fill you in on the information that you need, when you need it.