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Thu, 26 Oct 2017

Motorcycle Security Day

We know how important it is nowadays to keep your motorcycle safe and be prepared. With motorcycle theft numbers rising and customers and team members having their pride and joy stolen we felt it was time to have a get together and chat security! 

Join the team at Jack Lilley Triumph in Romford on Saturday 4 November for our Motorcycle Security special. We will have representatives from the Metropolitan Police here on-site to discuss their latest initiatives on motorcycle security. 

Jon from BikeTrac will also be here at Jack Lilley Romford on the day with information on the various motorcycle tracking systems they provide and exclusive offers on the day on motorcycle tracking units. For further details on this, click here.

We also have Shaun and Mark our ride-out co-ordinators here ready to hear your ideas and suggestions on next years ride-out calendar. If you have any recommendations of fantastic riding destinations or perhaps there is somewhere you’ve always wanted to ride pop along and have a chat over a drink with the guys! 

It’s going to be a great day with lots going on! Make sure you pay us a visit!