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Tue, 30 Oct 2018

Complimentary FS365 Anti-Corrosion treatment with your service

Your bike needs every bit of attention and TLC it can get this winter with the incoming cold front, with rain, sleet and snow on the way. All these winter weather warnings and sad, slow-start mornings make the gritty conditions somehow even less appealing, especially for your bike. With gritty, salty roads and splattering water and cold conditions comes the danger of corrosion to sensitive metal components of your bike, including but not limited to, your chain, suspension and even your brakes.

With every service booked in throughout the winter months, we're throwing in a complimentary FS365 anti-corrosion treatment to keep your motorcycle protected from the conditions that lie ahead - so treat your ride to some TLC and some added protection to help you remain where your ride belongs.

You can book a service here or by calling our Ashford store on 01784 420421 and our East London store on 01708 752111.