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Fri, 09 Nov 2018

Bonneville T120 Diamond Edition

Triumph have launched an exciting new model to join the family for 2019. Revealed at the EICMA show in Milan this week and will be on display for you to get first viewing at the Motorcycle Live show at the NEC this year.

In 2019 Triumph celebrates the 60th anniversary of the most iconic twin in history, the 1959 Bonneville, with the beautiful Bonneville T120 Diamond Edition, featuring a one-off premium paint scheme and a unique level of high specification finish and detailing.

  • One-off special edition: 
  • Premium one-of-a-kind Snowdonia White and Aluminium Silver ‘union flag tank scheme
  • Unique Bonneville T120 ‘Diamond’ side panel branding 
  • Unique higher specification details and finish:
  • Chrome 4 bar Triumph tank badges
  • Chrome engine covers and badges  
  • Chrome chain guard
  • Limited:
  • Limited run of 900 worldwide 
  • Each will come with a numbered certificate, signed by Nick Bloor, Triumph CEO  
  • Based on the timeless Bonneville T120:
  • Advanced rider-focused technology for rider control, safety and confidence
  • 1200cc High Torque twin Bonneville engine, with exciting torque delivery, peaking at 105Nm at a low 3,100 rpm
  • Dedicated chassis and suspension set-up, for relaxed and refined riding every day, all day, alone or with a pillion
  • Original styling inspired by the legendary ’59 Bonneville, with iconic styling cues, detailing and features

Based on the timeless Bonneville T120, the new for 2019 Bonneville T120 Diamond Edition celebrates the 60th anniversary of the most famous British motorcycle in history. Born in 1959 and named after the iconic Bonneville Salt Flats, the original T120 set the benchmark for style, capability and handling, and today’s generation takes the legend to an even higher standard.

The 2019 Bonneville T120 Diamond Edition takes all of the classic style and modern capability of the standard Bonneville T120 and brings an even higher standard of finish, including:

            - Exclusive White and Silver tank design with striking ‘Union flag’
            - Unique Bonneville T120 Diamond logo on the side panels

In addition to its unique paint scheme, the T120 Diamond Edition also features a host of premium details that further enhance its individual style and one-off positioning, including;

            - Chrome 4 bar Triumph tank badges
            - Chrome engine covers and badges 
            - Chrome chain guard   

With a limited run of only 900 worldwide, each will come with a numbered certificate of ownership signed by Nick Bloor, Triumph’s CEO.


1200cc High Torque engine 
The authentic character of the Bonneville T120 comes to life through the 1200cc high torque
8 valve, parallel Bonneville twin engine. 

Built specifically for the modern classic riding style, with immediate and exciting torque delivery, it produces a peak torque figure of 105Nm at a low 3,100 rpm – an amazing 54% more than the previous generation.

With the pinpoint accuracy and instant throttle response of Triumph’s next generation ride-by-wire fuel-injection and engine management system, the six-speed 1200cc Bonneville engine is engineered with a charismatic tone and 270° firing interval for characterful, linear power delivery.

The engine profile has been beautifully crafted to incorporate key heritage styling cues from the legendary 60's Bonneville bikes, sensitively incorporating contemporary components to maintain that iconic engine silhouette.  

Behind the 1200 engine’s stylish exterior sits a cutting-edge liquid cooling system, carefully integrated to minimise its visual impact whilst achieving cleaner emissions and enhancing fuel efficiency – 13% better than the previous generation. This, combined with a new extended service interval of 10,000 miles (16,000km) dramatically reduces the overall cost of ownership.

Finally, elegant peashooter style exhausts follow a clean ‘straight line run’ achieved through an ingenious twin skin design that covers the pipe run through the cat box and out again. It delivers the true sound of a British twin, with a deep and rich exhaust note that truly matches the T120 character, tuned to a level you would want and expect.

Modern capability 
The Bonneville T120 Diamond Edition shares all of the T120’s advanced standard of capability, with a wealth of rider-focused technology to deliver exceptional control, safety and enhanced rider
confidence – integrated sensitively and withoutcompromise to maintain the authentic Bonneville
style and character.


ABS                                        Triumph’s variable anti-lock braking system bringing a new level of safety and control to the Bonneville.

Ride-by-wire                           For enhanced throttle responsiveness, safety, fee and fuel economy

Traction control                      Taking advantage of the ride-by-wire system the switchable traction control system offers increased and optimised control.

Two riding modes                   Linked to the ride-by-wire system the two selectable riding mode options 'Road’ and ‘Rain' provide the rider with greater control and safety.

Torque assist clutch                Bringing a light touch and feel to the clutch to make it easy to ride, and ride longer.

DRL Headlight                        Incorporating the latest in daytime running lights (DRL) that deliver a distinctive light pattern and enhanced power efficiency for long term durability (where legislation allows).

LED rear light                         Built into the classically inspired tail set-up, bringing a distinctive rear light pattern and power efficiency, with an integrated number plate light.

Heated grips                            High specification factory fitted heated grips, with a three-mode settings.

USB charge socket                  Underseat USB socket provided so riders can charge up their essential devices.

Engine immobiliser                 Transponder integrated into the T120 key.

Stylish twin clocks                 Feature packed clocks (speedo and rev counter) with beautiful 3D dial faces, cleverly incorporating a digital menu system.

Key features include:

- Heated grips setting
- Riding mode setting – Road or Rain
- Gear position indicator
- Odometer
- Two trip settings
- Service indicator
- Range to empty
- Fuel level, average and current MPG
- Access to turn off traction control
- Clock

Additionally riders can add accessories which would also then be accessed via the clock display, including cruise control.

Switchgear                             Elegant switchgear presents simple fingertip controls for easy access to the key features on the twin clocks.

Relaxed and refined handling     The Bonneville T120 features a chassis and suspension set up developed for relaxed and refined riding every day, all day, alone or with a pillion.

Combining Triumph’s signature ride dynamic of neutrality, agility and stability with comfortable seat and suspension travel for an engaging, yet easy-going ride. With its relaxed riding position, heated grips as standard, centre stand and passenger grab rail, the T120 Diamond Edition is fully equipped for maximum comfort and real world practicality. 

Original styling

Inspired by the legendary ’59 Bonneville, the new Bonneville T120 has been crafted to incorporate more of the original’s DNA and iconic styling cues, detailing and features.

From the overall Bonneville silhouette, to the sculpted flowing lines of the fuel tank, the intricately detailed badges, lights and stunning twin clocks, the T120 is a timeless icon, beautifully evolved.