Vance Hines Vance & Hines Pipes

Part No: JL20065

Vance & Hines Twin Slash Cut Pipes


Vance & Hines is pleased to introduce Twin Slash Duals for the Triumph
Thunderbird LT and Commander models. Twin Slash Duals feature large 4-inch round mufflers
matched with 2.5-inch mid pipe heat shields, adding an extra touch of style and distinction to
Triumph's heavy weight cruiser models.
Marked by the signature Vance & Hines twin slash end
treatment, Twin Slash Duals produce a deep and hearty
rumble for the Thunderbird's massive 1700cc parallel twin powerplant.

Suitable for both the Commander & Thunderbird LT

  • 4" Round Mufflers
  • 2.5" Mid Pipe Heat Shields
  •  Optional Quiet Insert
  •  Available in Chrome
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