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CH Custom Made Tax Disc Wall Clock


Custom Made Tax Disc Wall Clocks


Every clock is unique as you select the Date, year and the Reg!!


These clocks are based on old British tax discs. They aren't real tax disc of course! They would be too small! . The idea being that you could have the year you were born or the date you passed your car/bike test or any other date thats special to you.

Everyone knows when they first passed their bike test (or they should do!) and you can commemorate the great occasion by making a wonderful clock based on an old tax disc The casing is made of a deep chrome metal (just like those 1970's bikes).

Also you can have either hand written details (just like the olden days!) or typed details on the tax disc.

They take 2 weeks to make and at the great price of £69.99 you cant go wrong..




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