Meet the team at Romford

Rob Clarke-Allan

Rob Clarke-Allan - General Manager

I have worked in the motorcycle industry since 1996, been at Lilley's since 2001, with five years at Warr's Harley-Davidson before that, and on the Maclaren F1 road car project for two years until it was ended.

I started work as an assistant in second hand car sales at the age of nineteen, but got a bit distracted by the glamour of playing guitar in various bands throughout the eighties and nineties, with moderate success ( I still have the embarrassing singles, video and albums) touring France twice on a 10 day gig was the closest I got to the rock and roll lifestyle and very rarely pick it up these days.

Riding bikes was always part of my life, such exotic machines as a Yamaha DT80, 750GS, teapot, the ever reliable Honda 100GT that I learnt on, a couple of Ducatis, obviously the whole Harley range, and now Triumphs, owning a Trident 900 (with only 102000 miles on the clock), Trophy 900, Daytona 595, and two 675's, I am currently figuring out how I can buy the 675R.

Married in October I am now finally grown up and sensible?

Sean Stapleton - Sales Manager

Sean Stapleton - Sales Manager

I have been motorcycling for 40 years starting with a moped collected on my 16th birthday. I have owned a large variety of bikes over the years and used them for everything from European tours to dropping my son off at school (which raised a few eyebrows as he was only 6).

I have been selling Triumphs since 1998 and have seen the brand grow into the market leader it is today. I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to join the Jack Lilley Team at Romford and look forward to the continued growth of both Jack Lilley and Triumph.

Steve Walton

Steve Walton - Sales

I have been riding bikes since 1977 starting out with a Suzuki AP50 and have always had a keen interest in both bikes and cars including a short spell as a Motorcycle Instructor. Over the years I have participated in various forms of Motorsport including Classic Saloon Car Racing, Historic Rallying, Autotests and Pre 65 Trials with varying degrees of success.

I began my stint in the Motorcycle Trade with North City Triumph. Ironically enough I was one of their first customers having placed an order for a Sprint ST at their opening event. My ST fulfilled many roles and was used for commuting, track days, sprinting and touring around Europe taking in events such as the Valencia and Brno Moto GPs and the Milan motorcycle show.

I currently take part in Motorcycle Sprints at a National Level with some good results including winning the Brighton Speed Trials in 2010 and 2011. Having also taken part in various top speed events my ultimate aim is to eventually run a motorcycle on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Alex Joyce

Alex Joyce - Sales

From the moment I rode on the back of a Hayabusa at 13 I was hooked.  You either love bikes or you don’t and you quickly find your favourites, it’s a personality thing. I’m a massive poser and love vintage bikes and cars so the modern classic scene is where I feel right at home, specifically café racers. My first bike was a Thruxton 900 and then a Thruxton 1200 R so that says it all really. Form over function. Always.

Mike Webb - Showroom Assistant

Mike Webb - Showroom Assistant

I first got into motorcycling as a rebellious act against my parents when I bought a £500 chinese scooter with a top speed of 45 which lasted 989 miles before it gave up the will to live, much to the amusement of my Mum and Dad.  Inspired by friends, I passed my big bike test in 2014 and since then I have had 10 bikes from Harleys to Ninjas to Triumphs, spending way too much money in the process.  Believe it or not, my daily commuter is a Triumph America I've put 11,000 miles on in one year.  It's easy to ride, I can filter on it easily with it's stupidly loud exhausts that are better than any siren.  I have a drinks holder so I can drink coffee at the lights and has never skipped a beat despite me falling off it, dropping it and riding it far beyond what it's designed for and constantly scrape the footboards round corners.  It's utterly bulletproof, and I absolutely love it.  I am new to the motorcycling trade and started with Jack Lilley's in August.  I take pride in my work and thoroughly enjoy it.  I've had many different jobs before starting work at Jack Lilley and I can safely say I'm finally settled in a job I enjoy.

Lee Etherington

Lee Etherington - Parts & Service Advisor

I've been into bikes since I was 14 and have since owned hundreds of machines - including every rubbish bike in the world!  I was heavily into sportsbikes, particularly Ducatis, until I discovered the Triumph Speed Triple in 2010, which I honestly believe is the best bike in the world.  I ride mine like a maniac - as it's meant to be ridden...

Sheamus Kavanagh

Sheamus Kavanagh - Technician

During the earlier part of my career I focused mainly on car mechanics but my real passion has always been for motorcycles and during this time I worked on my own motorcycle repair and restoration projects in my spare time. I have always enjoyed repairing, maintaining and riding motorcycles and after starting my own business was able to branch out into motorcycle repairs in a professional capacity, enabling me to combine a hobby with my work life.

Wayne Skilton

Wayne Skilton - Technician

Wayne's profile will be updated very soon...