Meet the Team at Ashford

Dave Lilley

Dave Lilley

I've been with JL for 24 years now starting as a Saturday boy making tea & doing the "bun run". I still thoroughly enjoy what I do & feel lucky to be able to "create" specials & inspire customers to "tweak" their pride & joy!

My family keep me busy in my spare time so I'm never out on a bike as much as I would like ! I'm hoping to get to as many BSB meetings in 2014 as we continue our sponsorship with TAG Triumph in British Supersport & in the Triumph Triple Challenge,

My latest project involves 4 wheels & the car I promised dad I'd get ... a Datsun 260Z ! Costs me a small fortune but somehow the wife never sees the receipts!

Hope to see you soon.

Katherine Lilley

Katherine Lilley

I first started work at JL when I was 15 cleaning the bikes on a Saturday Morning. My full time job started at the tender age of 20 now 19 years on I'm still here & loving it!

Although I have a full bike licence I don't ride anymore due to having a young son & the housework never seems to get done!

My main hobby is my horse Lloyd who I have had for 2 years.

Margaret Lilley

Margaret Lilley

I have been doing the shop accounts for as long as I can remember & although I am trying to retire I can't seem to keep away!

My first ever pillion ride was on a rigid frame Ariel sitting on a pad on the mudguard - Steve felt pity for me and bought a sprung seat - what bliss! Although I can't ride a bike ( even a bicycle!) I loved going pillion with Steve over to France on the original Trophy 1200.

I enjoy the family, reading, crosswords & belong to a walking group. I also do volunteer work each week at social group for those who have suffered a stroke.

Tarquin Robbins

Tarquin Robbins - Sales Manager

I've been passionate about bikes and all things two wheeled for as long as I can remember, whether I'm racing, riding or just plain watching them on TV, its the freedom and excitement they offer that's kept me in the trade for over thirteen years.

So whether you're looking to buy your first motorcycle, want advice on some of the best off road riding in the UK or just want to talk track days at Snetterton then I'm always happy to have a chat... and who knows, you might just end up buying your next bike from me...


Roy Wigley

Roy Wigley - Mail Order & Export

I was introduced to motorcycles at age 4. Dad owned BSA A10 Superflash with a 3-person sidecar - Mum & Dad rode on the bike whilst brother, sister and I rode in the sidecar. We all ended up riding bikes as we grew up; even Mum had a Honda CG125.  My bikes included a Honda MBX125, Kawasaki KLR250, Kawasaki GPX250, Yamaha TDR250, Kawasaki ZZR600-D1 and Honda CG125 (an accident on the CG125 in 1991 resulted in a serious leg injury and 8 months off work).

I trained as a motorcycle mechanic / technician. On work placement at a Kawasaki / BMW dealership I moved into a parts role to cover leaving staff - and never looked back.  I've since worked with Kawasaki, Aprilia, and of course Triumph. I set up and ran parts and service departments at a new Triumph dealership in 2007 where I stayed for 7 years until moving to Jack Lilley's in 2014.

Interests include family time, theme park rides, and collecting brochures, flyers, posters on Hinckley Triumphs. 

Colin Grant

Colin Grant - Service Adviser

I have recently joined the Jack Lilley team and I am enjoying working in a motorcycle dealership for the first time, although, I have worked in the motor industry for more than 20 years.

I had my first bike at the age of 11 and have not been without a bike since! I enjoy working on my own bikes & sunny Sunday morning rides out but the highlight of my year is my annual pilgrimage to the IOM TT.

I look forward to seeing you when you bring your bike in for service.

Ride Safe!

Matt Patterson

Matt Patterson - Service Adviser

My love for bikes came at an early age growing up around bikes in the mid 80s early 90s. It was all about 125's 250's 500's, two strokes and power bands for me. My first job in the industry was learning all I could from an ex two stroke racer back in '98-00' but my career took a different path after that into cars. A few years later I found the door back into the scene and have been a motorcycle estimator for the majority of insurers the past 3 years until now.  

Away from bikes I am all about family (being dad) friends and a good party!!...and ok the "ace cafe".

I hope that the knowledge I've gained will be an asset to the team and a help in providing you with the service you require. 

Brian Harris - Parts Manager

Brian Harris - Parts Manager

Born into a motorcycling family, I started riding off road at 12, entered my first race at 15 and have been thrashing and crashing race bikes ever since. Mainly Enduro, Supermoto and Motocross but if is has 2 wheels and an engine I will give it a go. Currently competing in classic twin shock scrambles and the odd supermoto event if I can find the time.

Mt first road bike was a Yamaha FS1E at 16 and over the last 37 years have ridden a lot of bikes, some good, some bad, but all worth giving it a go. My first choice of transport is a motorcycle and I use a bike every day, rain or shine, so I would like to think I can offer a lot of experience in most areas of motorcycling.

I started work at Jack Lilley in 1980 at 16 years of age in the parts department and have been in the motorcycle and motor industry ever since, working with most brands in many different roles. It's great to be back where my journey started at JL's and I'm looking forward to working with the Triumph brand again with lots of new bikes coming.

Sam Court - Parts & Clothing

Sam Court - Parts & Clothing

I've been riding bikes since I was 18. My first bike was a Derbi GPR50 but after 6 months of riding I was finding it too slow so jumped onto a Suzuki GSXR400. I've had lots of bikes since, mainly Kawasakis, although I fancy a Speed Triple as my next fun bike.

I currently ride a Kawasaki ZX10R which I've taken on a couple of track days. My next venture is to take an off-road riding course later this year.

In my spare time (if I have any with the kids!) I enjoy riding the bike and going to the gym.

Matt Dawson - Parts & Clothing

Matt Dawson - Parts & Clothing

I first started out going pillion with an old work colleague back in 1999 on a Piaggio Zip 50.  That was it, I was hooked, so 2 months later I decided to do my CBT and bought my own Zip 50.  Since then many years passed and I have ploughed my way through most of Triumph's modern range, owning 3 speed triples, a Sprint, Bonneville, Scrambler, 3 tigers including an 800 XC, Street Twin and my latest bike - a Street Cup.  So you could say a love affair started!.

I have worked in the motorcycle industry since 2004 when I started at a Piaggio franchise.  Since then I've also had the opportunity to run my own business, and last year started at Jack Lilley Romford. I'm passionate about bikes and always around for a cuppa and a chat.

In my spare time I generally like to cook, travel, shop and ride.

Chris Jagger

Chris (Mick) Jagger - Technician

I've been a technician at Jack Lilley for 4 years now & I've been fixing bikes in extraordinary places for decades!
A devotee of adventure motorcycle travel I've biked around the world riding in more than 35 countries!

I also enjoy cycling , windsurfing & Jazz music!

Joe Lann

Joe Lann - Technician

My first bike was a PUCH Grand Prix Special (60 on the flat honest Guv!). I started as an apprentice at 16 working on all makes.

My life sentence with Jack Lilleys' started back in 1991 when Triumph relaunched!

I have an obsession with all things racing & currently am a crew member for a 450 BHP Turbo Nitros Superstreet Hayabusa. For the last few years I have been crew member on a " Top fuel" Harley ( sorry!!) running on Nitro Methane & develops around 950 BHP!! ( still doesn't go round corners though) This runs the 1/4 mile in around 7 seconds & if you go to Santa Pod, you may see me there!

Steve Beer

Steve Beer - Technician

My first bike was an old Suzuki AP50 which I bought in several boxes and put together in time for my 16th birthday. Before combining my passion for all things bikes with paying the bills I spent 20 years, man and boy in the IT industry which I am happy to have escaped from!

Am passionate about 80s and 90s sportsbikes and have an eye for the details which is put to good use here at JL on new and used bike preparation and servicing. Away from motorbikes I enjoy cycling, cinema, beer and curry... although not necessarily in that order!

Mitchell Scott

Mitchell Scott ('Mitch') - Valeter / Van Driver

A few facts about me:  I'm a massive Newcastle United fan.  I enjoy working with motorbikes although I'm also really into cars.  I speak fluent Spanish - a result of being brought up in Fuerteventura.  I lived there for 13 years and went to school there.  Born in England, bred in Spain!

Steve Osborne

Steve Osborne - Salesman

Although I am relatively new to the biking world I have always had a love for motorbikes. I brought my first 'real' bike back in September, three months before I actually obtained my full licence! Since then the bug has hit me hard. I absolutely love riding and have a diary full of biking events to attend; I love bikes so much that I volunteer at a local bike shop just so I can play with them, take them apart and fix them. So far working for Jack Lilley has been fantastic and I think everyone should have a Triumph. Not that I'm a bit biased or anything... 

Tom Daniels

Tom Daniels - Salesman

I've been riding bikes since the day I turned 16. Even skipping school to do my CBT.

I'm a trained motorcycle mechanic but utterly useless with a spanner. Much better suited to talking about bikes then fixing them.

I've been in the industry for the last 11 years and have had an unhealthy obsession with MotoGP for the last 6 years!